XDR-GTK v0.3

XDR-GTK v0.3 is now available. The XDR-I2C update via Arduino IDE is also required this time.

New features:

  • squelch function
  • simple rotator control
  • Jurgen Bartels’ StationList support via SRCP protocol
  • GUI redesign and signal graph improvements
  • two times faster signal level sampling and averaging each two samples results in smoother signal graph
  • improved filter switching (fixed audio clicking when changing the bandwidth next to strong adjacent station)
  • other minor improvements & changes
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Sporadic-E: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia

An excellent opening to Scandinavia took place on Sunday morning. Probably one of the best I have ever seen in this direction. This time I used 2x 9-el K6STI for reception in vertical polarization instead of Körner 19.3 in H. Full log of almost 200 identified stations is available on FMLIST.

Update – only three days have passed since a massive opening from Scandinavia and the CCIR band was again full of signals from Finland. I received lots of local stations, not only YLEs as usually. Some stations from Russia, Norway and Sweden also came in. Full log is available on FMLIST and contains almost 200 identified stations, including few unlisted transmitters. Antenna: Körner 19.3 H

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XDR-GTK v0.2.2

I have recently come up with an idea for improving static RDS PS decoding. It’s very simple, we’re using RDS data up to 5-bit correction and each PS character is replaced only with another that has the same error correction level or lower. The Es season is coming, so this might be helpful for some countries that don’t mainly use dynamic PS names – like UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia… I also added an option to display the RDS PS in greyscale colors depending on the error correction level.

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Tropo in December 2013

This tropo was very long awaited. Actually, 2013 was not too generous for us in Poland… maybe except my receptions from Finland. This time distant stations were strong, very strong! I haven’t seen such high signal levels before. It started on 11th December morning with stereo signals from Steinkimmen. Maybe nothing special but when I left my home I realised that it was… raining.

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XDR-GTK v0.2


  • user settings
  • calibrated signal meter
  • rewritten spectral scanning
  • antenna pattern plotting
  • frequency presets
  • sound volume control
  • antenna switching
  • network connection
  • improved look (Windows)
  • new GTK+ libraries (Windows)
  • rewritten serial port handling (Windows)
  • other bug-fixes / improvements
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