MTscan – MikroTik RouterOS wireless scanner

MTscan is a wireless network scanning software dedicated for Mikrotik RouterOS devices, originally developed for Wi-Fi DXing and wardriving.

Two scanning modes are available via SSH connection:

  • Scanner mode (legacy) – based on scanner tool (active scanning).
  • Sniffer mode (recommended) – based on sniffer tool (passive scanning). It supports additional network protocols (like Ubiquiti AirMAX AC and Cambium ePMP), but also requires additional configuration. Read more: MTscan – sniffer mode (tzsp).


Windows builds (incl. tzspd) – v0.5 (2021-01-10)

Source code:

Arch Linux AUR repository contains mtscan-git package. Download and build it with your favorite AUR installer.


v0.5 (2021-01-10):

  • Headless batch mode (see -h for more info)
  • TZSP port override with cmd-line argument (-t)
  • External network lists (blacklist, highlightlist, alarmlist)
  • SSID and Name column auto-fit to window width
  • OUI match on locally administered MAC addresses
  • Experimental Cambium beacon support