Photo visibility analysis software.

Latest version: v1.0 (2022-07-18)

  • Windows:
    64-bit (build 2022-07-18)
    [sha256: b2d4a92083dfe0f2c54c7e68b922fb354aea6a0e6ff506e5a43485d55bd07197]
    32-bit (build 2022-07-18)
    [sha256: 69bb4effb90a3624f1ae79fcc5285c4ca9c29399bbfb4e7a8bec0fe73ae0f9f5]
  • Source code: GitHub (GNU/Linux, Windows)

Arch Linux AUR repository contains overlayaz-git package. Download and build it with your favorite AUR installer.


This (unprocessed) photo with overlayaz profile is available in example directory.


v1.0 (2022-07-18):

  • Map view improvements and optimization
  • Help tab with tutorial and basic information
  • Map source selection
  • EXIF location lookup
  • Other minor fixes

v1.0-beta1 (2022-04-18):

  • First public release