XDR-GTK v1.0

I am pleased to announce that the long-awaited 1.0 version of XDR-GTK has just been released. As usually, XDR-I2C upgrade to the latest version (2016-04-20) is also required.


The main window contains new interference detectors: CCI (co-channel) and ACI (adjacent channel) which make the antenna pointing easier for the best signal to interference and noise ratio.

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XDR-GTK v0.3.1

XDR-GTK v0.3.1 is out. New features include:

  • stereo squelch
  • frequency scheduler
  • simple RDS logging
  • stereo pilot injection estimation
  • 1/9kHz steps on LW, 1/9/10kHz on MW, 5/10kHz on SW (using keyboard)
  • separate RDS error correction level setting for PS and RT
  • improved antenna switching (with selectable RDS data reset)
  • automatic connect on startup
  • rewritten connection and settings dialog
  • fixed bug with memory management in SRCP (StationList)
  • other stability improvements
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XDR-GTK v0.3

XDR-GTK v0.3 is now available. The XDR-I2C update via Arduino IDE is also required this time.

New features:

  • squelch function
  • simple rotator control
  • Jurgen Bartels’ StationList support via SRCP protocol
  • GUI redesign and signal graph improvements
  • two times faster signal level sampling and averaging each two samples results in smoother signal graph
  • improved filter switching (fixed audio clicking when changing the bandwidth next to strong adjacent station)
  • other minor improvements & changes
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XDR-GTK v0.2.2

I have recently come up with an idea for improving static RDS PS decoding. It’s very simple, we’re using RDS data up to 5-bit correction and each PS character is replaced only with another that has the same error correction level or lower. The Es season is coming, so this might be helpful for some countries that don’t mainly use dynamic PS names – like UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia… I also added an option to display the RDS PS in greyscale colors depending on the error correction level.

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XDR-GTK v0.2


  • user settings
  • calibrated signal meter
  • rewritten spectral scanning
  • antenna pattern plotting
  • frequency presets
  • sound volume control
  • antenna switching
  • network connection
  • improved look (Windows)
  • new GTK+ libraries (Windows)
  • rewritten serial port handling (Windows)
  • other bug-fixes / improvements
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