XDR-GTK v0.3

XDR-GTK v0.3 is now available. The XDR-I2C update via Arduino IDE is also required this time.

New features:

  • squelch function
  • simple rotator control
  • Jurgen Bartels’ StationList support via SRCP protocol
  • GUI redesign and signal graph improvements
  • two times faster signal level sampling and averaging each two samples results in smoother signal graph
  • improved filter switching (fixed audio clicking when changing the bandwidth next to strong adjacent station)
  • other minor improvements & changes

The squelch function may be found useful when waiting for Sporadic-E propagation or listening to non-continuous transmissions like taxis or air-band. The rotator control is very simple, only CW/CCW rotation control is possible via external controller, without any rotator-specific azimuth tracking or other features. Logical output for CW rotation is on digital PIN 6 and CCW on digital PIN 7. Some cheap rotators like AR-303 don’t have a limit switch, so I added a timeout that stops the rotation automatically after a specified time (default 90 seconds, see ROTATOR_TIMEOUT constant in XDR-I2C source code) to protect the rotator.

New version of StationList with SRCP support is not finished yet. It should be available in next few weeks on Jurgen Bartels’ website.

The I2C library is now included in a zip package to keep the upload process as simple as possible. If you’re getting errors while compiling the Arduino sketch like:

 In function `TwiMaster:: (…) multiple definition of `TwiMaster:: (…)

Then you should remove the previously installed library.

Download links are available on XDR-GTK page.

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