Antenna radiation pattern plotting and analysis software.

Latest version: v1.1.1 (2024-01-26)

  • Windows:
    64-bit (build 2024-01-26)
    [sha256: e6a349ce24723f1b8ea930883739187cf2e96554d7811aecd4174c1af412a4f5]
    32-bit (build 2024-01-26)
    [sha256: 6f12eeccf6533e2461e2049b659072e846ccc8fb1fd6e11a04cebc7a86bf658b]
  • GNU/Linux (and macOS – untested):

    Arch Linux AUR repository contains antpatt package.
    Other distributions: GitHub (source code).

Supported data import formats (click to download example):

  • Radiomobile – ANT
  • Planet – MSI

The whole project can be saved as .antp file (compressed .antp.gz) which is simply a JSON file with all settings included and data samples embedded. See an example for a reference.

Data export from MMANA-GAL:

Use the following settings in File → Table of Angle/Gain (*.csv) dialog:


Dark theme: To enable dark theme on Windows, run antpatt.exe with -d command line parameter. 

Interactive console mode:

Interactive console mode (-i command line option) can be used for data streaming from another application for real-time antenna radiation pattern plotting. Commands consist of a single word and are case insensitive:

    Create new measurement
  • STOP
    Close current measurement
  • PUSH <float>
    Add signal level sample
  • NAME <string>
    Set plot name
  • FREQ <int 0 … 99 999 999>
    Set plot frequency [kHz]
  • COLOR <string>
    Set plot color (#XXXXXX)
  • AVG <int 0 … 10>
    Set plot moving-average
  • FILL <int 0 … 1>
    Set plot fill
  • REV <int 0 … 1>
    Set plot reverse mode

Antpatt will send the following responses:

  • READY – after application startup
  • BYE – before application exit
  • OK – after a successful command
  • ERROR – after an incorrect  command


v1.1.1 (2024-01-26):

  • Add pattern statistics
  • Load antp files from drag and drop
  • Fix plot reattach bug

v1.1 (2023-01-14):

  • Migration from GTK+ 2 to GTK+ 3
  • Interactive console mode for real-time plotting
  • Support for SVG output format
  • Pattern data export (XDR-GTK and Radiomobile format)
  • Windows build improvements (incl. gtk3-classic)
  • Other minor fixes

v1.0.1 (2020-04-22):

  • Detached window bug fix

v1.0 (2019-03-16):

  • First public release