Aurora FM-DX 17.03.2013

Yesterday I noticed a very weak station on 91.2 and after a while I realised it is a Swedish voice. However the antenna direction was wrong, it was heading Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Well… everything was clear – finally first reception via auroral propagation for me! The best signal strength was around 16 UTC with an antenna aimed at 0-30° azimuth.


Lots of stations came up, but identification was quite difficult due to a distorted and very fluttery signal. Emel has helped me with some of them, thanks!

Freq Station Location ERP [kW]
87.6 NDR 2 D Hamburg – Moorfleet 80 654
88.1 DR P1 DNK Århus – Søsterhøj 60 731
88.7 NRK P1 NOR Oslo – Tryvann 90 994
88.8 NRK P1 NOR Greipstad – Eidsåveg 57.5 976
88.9 SR P1 S Skövde – Billingen TM 60 748
89.1 NRK P2 NOR Halden – Høyåsmasten 72.5 897
89.3 SR P1 S Göteborg – Brudaremossen TM 60 749
89.4 SR P1 S Borlänge – Teracoms mast Idkerberget 60 912
89.6 SR P1 S Nässjö – Teracom mast Berg 60 649
89.8 SR P1 S Helsingborg – Olympia TM 30 598
90.0 SR P1 S Norrköping – Kolmården-Krokek Orrbergen TM 60 709
90.2 DR P1 DNK Holstebro – Mejrup 60 831
90.7 SR P1 S Västerås – Lillhärad TM 60 812
90.9 SR P1 S Sunne – Blåbärskullen TM 60 911
91.2 SR P2 S Halmstad – Oskarström-Slättåkra TM 60 640
91.7 DR P3 DNK Århus – Søsterhøj 60 731
92.7 SR P2 S Bäckefors (Mellerud) – Grönehög TM 60 838
92.9 DR P3 DNK Holstebro – Mejrup 60 831
93.2 NDR 2 D Flensburg – Engelsby 25 718

The obtained distances are comparable to a fairly good tropospheric ducting opening. Furthermore, some of these stations can be received every day with an airplane scatter mode (i.e. Göteborg, Århus and other closer transmitters). The main difference is a signal quality, because tropospheric signals can reach stereo & RDS reception and aurora cannot due to doppler shifts. The wider bandwidth, the more distorted audio is. FM is not really suitable for this propagation mode, however a very fluttery sound could be heard. A real signal distance is significantly higher because of the propagation mode – backscatter. Signals are reflected back from the aurora zone and optimal azimuth is not the same as the direction to a particular location.

The aurora was as well visible as audible in Poland. Unfortunately I haven’t seen it at my QTH.
Check some photos here.

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