DishEter PRO 32 HV Precision

Cyberbajt DishEter PRO 32 HV Precision is a dual-polarization 4.9 – 6.2 GHz antenna with 31 – 32 dBi gain. It features a dish construction of 80 cm diameter with extension for side lobes suppression. This construction is supposed to be based on a special waveguide design with additional metal rods, which should provide better separation between orthogonal polarizations rated at over 50 dB. I was planning to replace my previous Ubiquiti dish to obtain better wideband operation and flat gain over entire frequency range. Unfortunately, my order was a disaster.

I bought this antenna in online shop, as there was a significant discount available (almost 40%). There were some problems with my order from the very beginning. At first, they refused to send this item at standard shipping costs after my payment, because they forgot to add an annotation about increased shipping price to their website. Shortly, I got an information that antenna will be finally shipped without additional costs, because it fits the standard parcel size after all. Therefore I decided to continue my order.

On the following day I received the antenna. Because the parcel was somewhat too light-weight and small, I checked its content immediately in the presence of a courier. As it turned out, the antenna was incomplete, as it did not contain the front radome. Furthermore, the box was made of several cardboards from smaller parcels and the radome could not be physically included inside.

Unfortunately, a closer inspection of the antenna at home revealed other issues, including the worst – the dish was crooked. Personally, I think that construction of this antenna was designed in a way that front radome stabilizes such thin aluminium dish profile (1.5 mm). Without it, the antenna is abnormally flexible and may be exposed to deformations. I don’t know whether the antenna was damaged during shipment or already earlier.

Nevertheless, the antenna includes a massive stainless holder:


Other stainless steel screws, nuts and washers are included together with N connectors separately. 

The radiators are provided in DIY-style and should be installed on our own. The rubber gasket protects only center pin of the radiator. Apparently, the screws are not sealed. 

The waveguide is also massive. It is based on 34 mm square profile (inside). I didn’t measure the electrical parameters of the antenna. I don’t have an immediate access to professional measurement equipment. As I decided to return this antenna, I didn’t test it further because it would cost me a lot of time and fuel.

The waveguide internals contain metal rods as expected. They should provide an exceptional isolation between polarizations.

The dish deformation was also visible to the naked eye.

Strangely, the aluminium surface of the dish had traces of long standing water inside it…

… and some minor irregularities on its surface.

Taking into account everything I decided to return and cancel my order. I have some experience with other dishes, for example Ubiquiti, and their build quality is definitely more robust. On the next day I also received a phone call that my missing radome was found and will be shortly sent… After three weeks I received a refund, but without shipping costs.