Es STLs of 2012

Since I have modded my XDR-F1HD I can receive also everything above ~60 MHz during Sporadic-E propagations. Studio-transmitter links are typically placed below the CCIR band, somewhere between 50 and 87MHz. They often carry a full MPX signal with stereo and RDS, so these signals are quite easy to identify. Italy has a very high amount of such transmitters. STLs usually have low power but they almost always don’t have a co-channel or adjacent interference during reception – this band is empty here!

Important note: An antenna for the 88-108 MHz band may perform better on lower frequencies when directed backwards. The reflector will act as a director.

2012-05-20, Italy:

  • 63.0 MHz – Radiolina
    Received also by Emel that day.

2012-05-27, Italy:

  • 63.0 MHz – Radiolina (once again parallel reception in Góra Kalwaria)
  • 66.5 MHz – Veronica FM (vocal ID)
  • 83.5 MHz – Radio Battikuore
    RDS PI: 5091, PTY: None
  • 85.0 MHz – unid
    RDS PI: 5400, PTY: None, PS: Libe____ (incomplete)
  • 86.6 MHz – unid

2012-07-02, UK:

  • 60.7 MHz – RJR (STL for pirate station?)
    RDS PI: D104, PTY: None, PS: _RJR_UK_ _98.3_FM

2012-08-16, Italy:

  • 60.32 MHz (rx on 60.3) – Radio Abruzzo Marche
    RDS PI: 5742, PTY: Varied
    PS: RADIO___ ABRUZZO_ MARCHE__ IL_SUONO CHE_TI__ INCANTA_ 0861____ 842280__
  • 61.35 MHz – Radio Galileo
    RDS PI: 5499
  • 62.40 MHz – Radio TNA-inBlu (?)
    RDS PI: 5060

Looks like I need an OIRT antenna for the next season! :-)

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