Today I noticed some signals from the United Kingdom while I was listening to German stations via aircraft scatter propagation. At first I thought it was just a meteor-scatter, but the signal was too stable and didn’t disappear. BBC from Keelylang Hill came with strong signal for over 30 minutes on 89.3 R2, 91.5 R3, 93.7 R Scotland and 96.0 R4. Of course, other locations from the UK were reaching Poland too, including Rumster Forest, Meldrum, Black Hill, an so on…

The United Kingdom was not the best part of this Sporadic-E opening. Almost immediately after checking frequencies from Keelylang Hill I found a low power commercial station called VLR from… Denmark! Yes, it was a nice short skip, only 740km. This suggests a very high MUF, I guess more than 144 MHz. This is quite odd for an Sp-E propagation out of season. Anyway, I logged more signals from Denmark:

  • 88.5 VLR Fredericia 740km RDS: 9DFA FREDICIA __VLR___
  • 90.2 DR P1 Holstebro 831km RDS
  • 92.9 DR P3 Holstebro 831km RDS
  • 98.5 DR P4 Holstebro 831km
  • 88.9 DR P4 Randers – Vorup 760km
  • 92.5 Nova FM Randers – Kulholmen 761km
  • 87.9 Nova FM Thisted 860km (ID-ed by Maciek, thanks!)

Besides that, Norway also appeared after several minutes. Some highlights:

  • 88.2 NRK P1 Skien 970km
  • 88.3 NRK P2 Lyngdal 1020km
  • 88.0 NRK P1 Gulen 1230km
  • 89.1 NRK P1 Bergen 1234km
  • 89.5 NRK P1 Gausta 1059km
  • 90.3 NRK P1 Skien 970km
  • 91.3 NRK P1 Kongsberg 1010km
  • 92.8 NRK P1 Førde 1292km
  • 93.6 NRK P1 Bremanger 1359km

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